Plumbing & Drainage

As independent specialist plumbing merchants our plumbing and drainage product range covers;

Wavin products – leading manufacturer of plastic pipes for roof drainage, waste and sewer systems, stormwater management and underfloor heating products.
Wavin Osmasoil – Wastes and traps to connect to your soil system.
Brassware & Valves – A huge range of fittings for immediate collection or delivery.
Soil Pipes & Fittings – A range of soil pipes and fittings manufactures to BS EN 1329 – 1:2000.
Pipe Flashing – A range of pipe flashing from Mcalpine.
Tectite Sprint Fittings – Copper fittings giving superb value and impressive performance.
End Feed Fittings – A range of end feed fittings to suit a wide range of plumbing needs.
Solder Ring Fittings – Join copper pipes fast with our range of solder ring fittings.
Flexible Tap Connectors – A range of different sized flexible tap connectors.
Philmac – An extensive range of fittings from a renowned plumbing manufacturer.
Polypipe – A wide range of Polypipe plastic plumbing fittings.
Copper Pipe Fittings & Insulation – A wide range of copper pipe fittings and copper pipe insulation.
Pipe LaggingClimaflex pipe lagging.
Compression Fittings – A variety of compression fittings for different systems.
Hep2O Plastic Fittings – A unique push fit plastic plumbing system from Hep2O
JG Guest Speedfit Plastic Fittings – A push fit range suitable for hot and cold plumbing installations.
Brick Vents – Stadium brick vents.
Domus Ventilation – A wide range of ventilation profiles for domestic ducting.
Washing Machine Fittings – All you need for plumbing a washing machine.
Compression Waste Pipe Fittings – A range of professional quality Mcalpine fittings.
Overflow Pipes & Fittings – An important part of any plumbing installation. We provide a range of quality fittings from Wavin.
Pushfit Waste Pipes & Fittings – A range of pushfit fittings from HepVO
Sink Wastes – A range of fittings for sink wastes
Solvent Weld Waste Pipes & Fittings – A range of fittings from Wavin Osmaweld, an exceptional plastic drainage product range.
Toilet Pan Connectors – Fittings from Wavin, Mcalpine and Multikwik.
Waste Traps – A range of traps from Wavin and Mcalpine.
Gas Pipes & Fittings – A selection of professional fittings for plumbing gas pipes.
Jubilee Clips – A range of Jubilee clips in different sizes.