What is it? 

UNIPIPE is a five layer composite pipe system that’s suitable for all types of installations that you are faced with on a daily basis. Throughout my career I have known many plumbers who have used and loved this because it’s designed for easy installation, giving you a faultless fitting every time, which ultimately saves you time. On the back of the success that real plumbers have had with this product, I’d definitely recommend it.

What should we know?

The system combines both plastic and metal pipes, so you get all the benefits of each, this composition also allows it to hold its own shape after being bent. It’s been designed to give you peace of mind; when using it there is no need to be concerned that it will demount or blow because its aluminium core is 100% diffusion tight, so it’s able to reliably prevent the ingress of oxygen. Not only that, but it’s also corrosion proof as the inner and outer layers are permanently bonded together by intermediate adhesive layers, meaning water is kept at bay, preventing deposit accumulation and corrosion.

Is it expensive? 

It can perhaps be viewed as an expensive system; however it comes with a host of benefits including a 25 year guarantee, meaning many leading architects and developers specify this product for projects. So if you’re still unsure as to whether it’s right for you and your projects, come and see your local PlumbStock sales specialist who will be able to talk you through the system and give you an honest opinion as to whether this is a product worth investing in.

If you want to find out more information about UNIPIPE or any other products, please contact your local PlumbStock sales specialist who is ready and waiting to welcome you.