We can deliver to your chosen address providing it is within our local delivery area. At this time we are unable to deliver outside of these postcodes. Deliveries are made to local postcodes Mon – Fri, excluding Bank Holidays. Deliveries are made 48 hours after receipt of order. You will be contacted in advance to arrange delivery time and access requirements.

Identification required for deliveries Account Customers No need for someone to be present or for ID.

For queries contact your local PlumbStock branch. PlumbStock can only deliver stock products to a local delivery area. Insert your postcode for confirmation of delivery to your location.

Check Your Postcode

Non Account customers

On delivery of your order we will ask you for the following;

  • Proof of Purchase (email order confirmation)
  • ID – Payment Card, Driving Licence, Passport

If you cannot be there to receive your delivery and someone else is taking the delivery for you, they will also need;

  • Proof of Purchase (email order confirmation)
  • ID – Payment Card, Driving Licence, Passport


FREE Delivery for Plumbstock Trade Credit Account Holders

Non credit account customer online only delivery charges apply as follows;
- £5 for orders under £200 ex vat
- £15 for ‘Big and Bulky’ items
- FREE for orders above £200 ex vat Delivery costs are calculated at checkout.


Supplier Direct Deliveries
Due to our extensive supplier network and purchasing power we are able to provide UK wide delivery to your door from selected suppliers. Home delivery is stated at checkout where applicable.


We currently deliver to these postcodes. 

LUI LU2 LU3 LU6 LU7 MK16 MK17 MK19 MK40 MK41
MK42 MK43 MK44 MK45 MK46 NN10 NN29 NN6 0 NN8 NN9
SG15 SG16 SG17 SG18 9 SG5 IP28 6 IP29 IP30 IP31 CO1
CO11 CO12 CO13 CO14 CO15 CO16 CO2 CO3 CO4 CO7
IP21 4 IP22 IP23 IP12 2 IP13 0 IP13 7 IP13 9 IP14 6 IP16 IP17
IP18 IP19 IP20 0 IP21 5 NR14 6 NR34 0 NR35 LU4 SG1 SG2
CM2 CM3 CM7 1 CM7 2 CM7 3 CM7 9 CM77 CM8 CM9 CO5
CO6 1 NR13 3 NR29 NR30 NR31 NR32 NR33 PE12 PE13 PE14
PE15 PE16 PE26 2 PE30 1 PE30 5 PE33 PE34 PE38 IP10 IP11
IP12 1 IP12 3 IP13 6 IP5 CB8 IP28 7 IP28 8 NR1 NR10 NR11 6
NR11 7 NR11 8 NR12 0 NR12 7 NR12 8 NR12 9 NR13 4 NR13 5 NR13 6 NR2
NR24 NR25 NR26 NR27 NR28 NR3 NR4 NR5 NR6 NR7
NR8 CB1 CB2 CB21 5 CB23 CB24 CB25 CB3 CB4 CB5
CB6 CB7 CB22 PE1 PE10 PE11 3 PE2 PE3 PE4 PE6
PE7 PE8 PE9 IP24 IP25 IP26 IP27 NR14 NR15 NR16
NR17 NR18 NR19 NR20 NR21 0 NR21 8 NR21 9 NR9 PE37 8 SG7
SG8 SG9 AL10 AL6 AL7 AL8 AL9 CB10 CB11 CB21 6
CB9 CM1 CM14 CM15 CM16 CM5 CM6 CM7 4 CM7 5 CM7 6
E4 EN1 EN2 EN3 EN4 EN7 EN8 EN9 IG10 IG5
IG6 IG7 IG8 IG9 N13 N14 N21 N8 N9 RM4
SG11 SG12 SG13 SG14 CM18 CM19 CM20 CM21 CM22 CM23
CM24 SG10 NR21 9 NR22 NR23 PE30 2 PE30 3 PE30 3 SG18 0 SG18 8
SG19 CO10 CO6 2 CO6 3 CO6 4 CO6 5 CO9 IP14 1 IP14 2 IP14 3
IP14 4 IP14 5 IP7 IP8 IP24